Summer Camp

A winning summer chess camp for kids!

Guarantee an unforgettable camp adventure with captivating stories, beginner to advanced chess strategies, dynamic chessercises to keep you on your toes, mini-tournaments, and strategic quests featuring, our pairing program to chess, Birchguard Quest!

- Running weekly from July 1st to August 30th, 9-3pm
(*Kickoff week will run July 1-3rd due to the holidays)
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Check out our Weekly Camp Themes throughout the summer!

Summer Camp

When our favorite friends from Chesslandia head off to camp for the summer, a chess-tastic mystery will put their problem solving skills to the ultimate test! Chess at Three campers will help crack the case through interactive stories, real-world sleuthing, and integrated chess gameplay.

 July 22-26
Aug 12-16
Aug 26-30

*Ages 4-10
Campers are assessed and grouped according to age and skill level

$825 for the week bundle
$185 per drop-in

The Dragonia Chesslympics

What do you get when the greatest chess players from all over Chesslandia converge on the legendary island of Dragonia? The Dragonia Chesslympics! Campers will hear epic tales of chessboard glory and compete in their own Chesslympics mini-games throughout the week.

July 8-12
July 29-Aug 2
Aug 19-23

*Ages 4-10
Campers are assessed and grouped according to age and skill level

$825 for the week bundle
$185 per drop-in

Treasure Hunt

All aboard for the big city! Campers will join their favorite chess characters on an exciting treasure hunt in Chesslandia's capital city, Chessopolis. This camp week will feature innovative chess puzzles, immersive stories, and safe, chaperoned treasure hunts in a nearby park.

July 1-3
July 15-19
Aug 5-9

*Ages 4-10
Campers are assessed and grouped according to age and skill level

$825 for the week bundle
$185 per drop-in

My son absolutely loved camp at Chess at three. He loved the small group learning and creative thinking/story-based play. The club director and the team of tutors were incredible and we had such a great experience. Will definitely do it again next summer and will be doing sessions during the year as well!
Erica | Parent
“Thanks for hosting a great week of summer camp! Coco seriously had the best time. She is obsessed with Birchguard Quest and I’d be interested to send her back in August for another camp!
Zoe | Parent
My children (7 & 5) have taken Chess at Three's online classes for 2 years and just love their teacher's stories and can't wait for the next installments.  They really enjoyed their Park Slope camp for the live chess and the other fun games, and their new Storytime Chess game. King Chomper and King Shaky are major fixtures in our house now!
Great with the children andgets them engaged andinterested quickly. Interesting& fun lesson format.
- Michael Burgess | Parent
My son loved the small group learningand creative thinking/story-basedplay. The team of tutors wereincredible and we had such a greatexperience. Will definitely do it againnext summer and will be doingsessions during the year as well!
- Park Slope Parents | Parent
[My daughter] has been going to theBea & Bop weekday playgroup forseveral months and it is a highlight ofher week! The program each week isvery well organized and touches ondifferent skills for kids to develop (music,crafts, motor skills). Our daughter hasbeen introduced to the Chesslandiaworld and we’re excited to graduate tothe chess program some time soon.Would highly recommend this locationand the Playgroup as an activity fortoddlers!
-Andrea | Parent
Great with the children and gets them engaged and interested quickly. Interesting & fun lesson format.
Michael Burgess
Absolutely recommended!! Super good way of teaching kids chess in a way I never imagine!
Chris Tan
Great with the children and gets them engaged and interested quickly. Interesting & fun lesson format.
Michael Burgess

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Fun Games, Engaging Stories!

Our original chess curriculum is based on years of rigorous testing in homes and schools around the world, and uses captivating stories to convey core chess concepts so that even three-year olds can understand and recall them with ease.
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Ages 3-4, 5-5 and 7+

For players brand-new to chess. Meet the colorful characters who represent the chess pieces and learn why each one moves a certain way. Beginners learn to play full games and become eligible to play in Chess at Three tournaments.


- Piece Movement Rules

- Capturing

- Check

- Game Planning

- Basic Opening Strategy


Ages 5-6 and 7+

For players who know the piece movement rules or graduates of our Beginner level. Students go beyond the basics to learn valuable tactics and strategies through fun stories.


- Point Values

- Pawn Structure

- Attacking vs Defending

- Piece Mobility

- Middlegame Tactics


Ages 5-6 and 7+

For players who already play full games. Students explore check and checkmate in-depth, record games with algebraic notation, and learn to analyze games.


- Algebraic Notation

- Checkmate Patterns

- En Passant

- Board Analysis


Ages 8+

For graduates of previous levels (or equivalent experience). This course uses a mix of stories and higher-level analytics to explore the intricacies of competitive chess.


- Memorizing Openings

- Memorizing Defenses

- Checkmate Puzzles

- Grandmaster Game Analysis

- Competitive Play

Benefits of Teaching Kids Chess

Through chess, children gain not only a deep understanding of the game but also valuable life skills that contribute to their personal and intellectual development.
Strengthen Academic Performance
Sharpens Critical Thinking
Hones Verbal Skills
Improves Test Scores
Boosts Emotional Intelligence
Instills Self-Confidence
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What the pros are saying...

“I’m a two-time US women’s chess champion, but I’m also the mom of a four-year-old boy who loves chess and he likes the [Chess at Three] classes a lot too, which really surprised me.

I highly recommend it...”

Jennifer Shahade
US Chess Champion and Woman Grandmaster

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