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Unlock a world of wonder and creativity with Birchguard Quest, an interactive and collaborative role-playing game.

Led by an expert tutor, Birchguard Quest sends children on an epic journey through the fantasy world of Arborheim, where they create characters, team up to solve puzzles, outwit foes, and complete missions!
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What To Expect

Interactive Story
Kids co-create the story, playing as original characters.
Action Encounters
Defeat adversaries as a group by rolling dice.
Puzzles & Riddles
Flex academic muscles to solve problems in the story.
Ideate, deliberate, and execute as a cohesive team.

The Main Story

Ages 5 +
60-min sessions, once a week

This is a linear, continuous role-playing game built for children who want to be the heroes in their own story and experience the magic and satisfaction of co-creating that story as it unfolds. These weekly sessions are designed to help kids develop their communication, leadership, and executive function skills, all while engaging in wholesome, screen-free fun.

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Loot Chasers

Ages 5 +
90-minute one-off sessions

Designed for groups of friends or even whole families who would like to enjoy Birchguard Quest as a fun, immersive experience. These drop-in, standalone sessions are perfect for players who may be new to role-playing games, but want to flex their imaginations for an afternoon of fun. Because Loot Chasers sessions are one-off experiences, they don't overlap narratively with the Birchguard Quest Main Story, but they do draw upon the same characters and fictional world.

Birchday Parties

Ages 5 +
120-minute party packages

The perfect event for children who would like to celebrate their special day with a role-playing adventure. We have a few standalone sessions written specifically for birthday parties that include role-playing, crafting, scavenger hunts, and more to accommodate children of all different age groups and passions. Birchday Party sessions shine a spotlight on the birthday celebrant, pulling their friends together as an indomitable team for an unforgettably fun experience!

Other Class Options

Ages 3 +
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Bea & Bop's Playgroup
6–36 Months
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