School Partnerships

Chess at Three has partnered with hundreds of schools, libraries, and care centers to provide high quality programming that teaches tricky subjects through fun and engaging stories.

Engaging In-home chess lessons for kids

Following a cast of quirky, memorable characters through the magical world of Chesslandia, students swiftly become successful chess players while developing critical thinking, strategy, and problem-solving skills.

Chess at Three

Chess lessons for kids
through engaging stories!

  • Strengthen Academic Performance
  • Sharpens Critical Thinking
  • Hones Verbal Skills
  • Improves Test Scores
  • Boosts Emotional Intelligence
  • Instills Self-Confidence
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Birchguard Quest

An original role-playing
game for kids

  • Empower Self-Worth
  • Broaden Creative Thinking
  • Enhance Language Skills
  • Develop Quantitative Reasoning
  • Sharpen Executive Function
  • Engender Collaboration
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Partnering with
Chess at Three

Our program is a fun, engaging addition to your school that strengthens your brand by offering an impactful enrichment program that parents and children love. Chess at Three is offered as an optional enrichment program for children ages 3–7 and we handle the rest! We provide your school with Certified Tutors who are trained in our approach, and we will take care of all the logistical details of running the program.

Our program is loved by children and parents alike. Children love learning chess through our stories, and their parents love that their children are so excited about learning chess.

The Benefits

Hassle Free
Chess at Three handles all of the administrative responsibilities, including enrollment, payment, materials, session management, parent updates, teacher updates, and supplemental chess tournaments.
Seamless Integration
We align our lessons and exercises with elements of your existing curriculum and activities that will be familiar to your students. Chess at Three personnel will teach your students directly; no need to learn new skills or systems.
Increased Enrollment
Chess at Three’s school partners have increased enrollment (more new students) and retained existing students through summer programs. Some schools have experienced over 100% increases in summer enrollment, accredited directly to our programming.
Students Love It
Chess at Three promotes skills beyond mere gameplay such as emotional maturity, problem solving, and focus.We emphasize sportsmanship and empathy in every story; parents rave about the personal development they see in kids who take our classes.
Competitive Advantage
Chess education has already become a standard enrichment activity in public and private primary/secondary schools. Chess at Three’s ability to teach children as young as three how to play chess is a new development in early childhood education. Our partnerships have proven to give schools a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves with our unique program.
Strong Marketing Tool
An early childhood enrichment program focusing on chess increases new parent walkthroughs and garner the accolades your school deserves. Schools partnered with Chess at Three have been featured on ABC, NBC News, and our programs have made headlines in The New York Times,Forbes, and more.
Global School Partners
Students Taught
Certified Tutors
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What the experts are saying

Rami Singh
Goddard School Owner
"Parents love the Chess at Three Curriculum, it creates a value proposition for universal Pre-K and why parents should stay with us. It is a huge marketing piece and great for the kids.We've had parents refer their friends, asking about our chess program."
Dr Craig Bach
VP of Education
The Goddard Systems
"Our overall school retention and occupancy efforts are enhanced by Chessat Three’s Curriculum's highly engaging and fun program. It supports key learning objectives of our education program and helps strengthen our home-to-school connection."
Michelle & Bryan Clark
School Owners
Horsham, PA
"A wonderful opportunity to introduce and teach chess to our Pre-K and Kindergarten students in a very age appropriate, engaging and inviting way.The children get so excited and anxiously await the next lesson. We highly recommend this ground-breaking curriculum."

Other Class Options

Bea & Bop's Playgroup
6–36 Months
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Birchguard Quest
Ages 5+
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