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Story-Based Lessons. Anytime. Anywhere.
Web-based group lessons with an expert tutor.
All online lessons feature live storytelling and instruction designed to leverage all the advantages of the digital medium, such as online chess puzzles, game analysis tools, and the chance for a child and their tutor to team up against an AI player.
Pricing starts from $45/class.
15% off full-term purchases made before Sept. 25.
Just $38.25/class! (Regular Price: $45/class)
15% off any purchases until Sept 25
Beginner Classes
Ages 4-6, 7+
Our Beginner classes are perfect for students brand new to chess. They will meet the colorful characters who represent the chess pieces and learn why each one moves a certain way. Older Beginners will learn at a faster pace, but each beginner track will provide students with a solid foundation and an introduction to chess openings through our “Secret Mission” lesson series.
After Taking This Class: Children will be able to play full games and will be eligible to play in our -In-House, Digital Tournaments to build up competitive chess experience.
15% off any purchases until Sept 25
Intermediate Classes
Ages 4-6, 7+
Our Intermediate classes are for students who have completed our age-appropriate beginner courses and can confidently move all the chess pieces. Students with some chess experience but who are new to Chess at Three’s system will have the option to begin at the Intermediate level as well. In Intermediate classes, children will learn piece valuation, attack and defense strategies, middlegame tactics, and sportsmanship skills as they begin to play more complex games.
After Taking This Class: Children will be able to play full games AND will be able to do so using basic strategies and tactics. Students will be eligible to play in our -In-House, Digital Tournaments to build up competitive chess experience.
15% off any purchases until Sept 25
Ages 4-6, 7+
Our Mini-Masters classes are for students who can play full games and are ready to explore a check and checkmate in-depth. Mini-Masters begin by learning algebraic notation, a system chess players use to write down their moves for later analysis. This course also covers piece mobility, checkmate patterns, and more complex rules, such as en passant. We will also emphasize grit and perseverance, key skills for any player.
After Taking This Class: Students will be USCF “Rated” tournaments. Will likely be able to beat their parents!
15% off any purchases until Sept 25
STARS Advanced
Ages 4-6, 7+
Highly focused on gameplay between students, our STARS Advanced Chess classes are for students who have completed the preceding levels (or have equivalent experience). Students will review famous Grandmaster games, and use data-driven analysis to take their games to the next level.
15% off any purchases until Sept 25
Birchguard Quest
Birchguard Quest is our collaborative role-playing game designed for ages four and up. It sends children on an epic journey through the fantastical world of Arborheim, where they create characters, team up to solve puzzles, vanquish foes, and complete missions! This an excellent way for students to interact with their friends and teacher outside of chess class while still engaging their minds!
Why Take This Class? Role-playing promotes active participation by engaging kids’ imaginations with vibrant characters and diverse settings. During the game, teachers create organic opportunities for students to develop leadership and communication skills, practice creative and critical thinking, and hone executive functioning.
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Chess At Three has an international network of Certified Storytellers (Chess Tutors) who provide one-on-one lessons or group sessions in your home and now online.
We utilize a unique cast of characters, in fun and interactive stories; children progressively learn to play chess. Our stories focus on why chess pieces move in their own unique ways and are supported by activities that cement chess knowledge in your child’s mind.
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Our tutors are well versed in cross-cultural communication and expect to work with your child in the way that works best for them.We have tutors all across the globe who can teach any day, any time, including tutors fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian and more.

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“He had a great virtual lesson with Jessica this morning! Set up was easy! Just wanted to give you the positive feedback on the experience.”
Jennifer Shahade
WGM and two time chess champion
“I’m the mom of a four year old boy who loves chess. He likes the classes a lot too, which really surprised me because 45 minutes is a long class for a 4 year old. The fact that they go back and forth from chess to story really keeps it interesting. I highly recommend it and I think it’s so important for people to play physically as well as on the computer because it really activates different types of learning.”

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