What are clients saying about us?

We pride ourselves in our amazing tutors. Every certified Chess at Three storyteller isone of the smartest, kindest, most thoughtful tutors you will ever meet. These individuals thriveoff bringing fun and exciting lessons into homes and schools across the country, but you don'thave to take our words for it.We constantly receive positive testimonials from our clients sharing the things they loveabout their Chess at Three lessons. Every time we receive one of these emails or phone calls itwarms our heart as it is a great reminder of the amazing things that are happening within alesson. Generally, there is a high level understanding of what is occurring in a lesson; thechildren are learning chess in a fun and interactive way. However, we were curious as to whatexactly was the most common adjectives that are clients are using to describe what ishappening in the lessons.We took every testimonial we have ever received and put them into a word map. Thisprocess exams every sentence and lists the unique occurrence of every word. The top 5 wordsused to describe a Chess at Three lesson are...EngagedFunStoriesExcitedLooks-forwardThis is confirmation that our clients are experiencing the lessons the exact way weintend them to. Our goals are for every student in every lesson to be engaged, having fun,hearing silly stories, excited, and looking forward to learning more Chess.Above is an image of what every word in every testimonial looks like on a wordmap! Ifyou have had a great experience with Chess at Three, please let us know! We will rerun thisexperiment in a few months to see if anything changes!So, get your child in an engaging, fun, story-filled lesson today.

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