The Life of Tutors

Meet Max Berry:Max has been with us for less than a year but has been grinding out lessons since day one. He is consistently doing ten lessons a week. He currently resides in Ohio where he was born and raised. He says he loves being at home but is eager to get back to the city. He just graduated college from Marymount Manhattan, theater performance playwriting. He got a degree in words! There was a Zoom graduation ceremony which he couldn’t attend but his family did throw him a nice party in their yard in which he got to wear his cap and gown. All family members reasonably distanced. During this time of shelter in place, he is still working on his artistic pursuits. He is applying for grants to put on live performances once he returns to New York City. It’s going to be spoken word feeding off of dance feeding off of music type of performance. He’s looking to put the first one on in Washington Square (outside) so that people can attend. We love having Max on the team. We appreciate his words, “I’d be significantly more nervous in this time without Chess at Three. You’ve provided structure in a time that structure doesn’t really exist.”Thanks Max, and congrats on graduating!

Meet Jen DiDonato:Jen is an old guard with Chess at Three. She is a tutor that has been in and out of teaching with us for quite some time. She teaches around ten lessons a week. She is currently staying in New Jersey with family and her puppy visiting tomato and blueberry farms. Sounds dreamy to us!Jen is a dancer and a creative. She is often posting on the google group fun side games she has come up with for her students. She recently wrote about a notation game that involves dancing and the use of gestures. Each notation has a move! I suggest our Chess at Three tutors check it out and use it in their lessons. When she is not making up fun games and teaching she is making amazing toys for dogs out of recycled materials. They are all hand made and can be found on her site she is not making dog toys she is writing and illustrating children's stories. She is hoping to have her first one published this month! This is amazing! Great work Jen.

Meet Nola Basey:Nola has been with us for about a year and is living in Colorado at the moment. She is rocking a steady 13 lessons a week, but she's not just teaching chess. She teaches reading, math, and acting lessons to some of her clients. She says she is grateful for our platform and that things are just taken care of for her that she doesn’t have to worry about. She gets to devise alternative curriculums and just teach them - Chess at Three takes care of the rest. She is loving being with her family and is spending a lot of time with her brother. She is getting to see a lot of the outdoors but also working on her personal business of modeling and acting. So much so, that she is actually gearing up for a transcontinental move to Milan to pursue the arts! (We're so jealous.) She is going to be working in fashion doing runway calls and short films, all the while she will continue to teach online lessons. The industry has really opened up there. She says she feels safer there than she does in New York as far as COVID-19 goes. I say, bravo!We wish you all the luck, Nola!

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