Story Time Music, A Chess at Three Sister Program

Book Your Child’s MUSIC Lesson for this FallChess at Three is thrilled to announce our sister program: Story Time Music! Story Time Music is the best way to get your child loving music! Amazing tutors, telling fun and engaging stories that get your child loving music.Story Time Music’s goal is to get your child to write their own song. Here’s a fun example of a Story Time Music story: Anya the cat loves to play songs on her Ukelele for her flamingo friends every day. One day, a cheetah named Tempo came to the field to hear a song, but Tempo the cheetah could only stay for a couple of seconds and would always need to run off before Anya could finish her song.Anya the cat wants to play her song for Tempo the cheetah, but she can never finish in time. So, what is Anya’s solution? This is an important question we will ask our students.The answer is: Anya needs to play her song faster. This will enable Tempo the cheetah to hear the whole thing. From that day on, all the animals in Musiclandia called the speed of a song it’s “tempo.” Each week will have a fun, engaging, and memorable moment of discovery just like that.Want to learn more?  check out our FAQ pageClick here to book a lesson

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