October Tutor of the Month

We love our Tutors and want to celebrate the many gifts and talents they bring to their chess lessons! Check out our interview with our October Tutor of the Month, Merlin!

Where are you from and where do you live now
I’m from Oregon, but I live in Brooklyn now.

What's your favorite game besides chess?
I really like Dungeons & Dragons, Settlers of Catan, and Pandemic. I’ve only played it once, but Wingspan is also pretty excellent.

Can you recall a particularly special or impressive moment from a Chess at Three lesson?
Once, a student of mine made a vicious tactical move. I was so excited, I just had to jump up and down for a while!

What's your favorite story from the Chess at Three curriculum?
I think King Shaky is my favorite character, but the story I love telling the most is the first Secret Mission. I try to play up the suspense and mystery of Casanova the Dragon and Thalia the Octopus. Plus, I’ve given them each fun accents and I love doing different character voices.

You're an amazing, in-demand tutor. What's your secret?
I just try to connect with the students and have fun. I’m pretty passionate about learning in general...and chess in particular!

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