Meet our July Tutor of the Month

Our Tutors are just the most joyful and fantastic teachers you can find! Each of them brings something sweet and special to their lessons with their students. Check out our interview with our July Tutor of the Month, Avery! Don't forget to sign up for lessons with one of our many fantastic tutors!

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I'm from the Upper East Side of Manhattan but currently live in Astoria, Queens.

What's your favorite game besides chess?
My favorite game besides chess is probably Boggle. I love words!

Can you recall a particularly special or impressive moment from a lesson?
There is nothing better than seeing one of my three-year-old students move the king correctly for the first time.

What's your favorite story from the Chess at Three curriculum?
My favorite story from the Chess at Three curriculum is probably the King Chomper story, because I get to "oofa" with his big belly for my students. I'm also a fan of many of the advanced STARS curriculum stories. They're super cool!

You're an amazing, in-demand tutor. What's your secret?
My secret is... never teach on an empty stomach! But for real, it's HAVE FUN and let the students have a say in what we're learning. If they are having fun, they can learn anything!

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