March 2022 Tutor of the Month

We just love our Tutors! They are all unique and exciting teachers that bring something special to each and every lesson!

Ready to learn more? Check out this interview with our
Tutor of the Month, Mateo!

- Where are you from and where do you live now?
Howdy! I’m originally from Austin, Texas, and moved to New York after I graduated from Austin College (no relation to the city, weirdly) in 2013. I currently live in Flatbush with my wife and a horde of cats.

- What's your favorite game besides chess?
I’m a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, along with other tabletop role-playing games, which satisfies my craving for communal, emergent storytelling and goofy voices. In the past eight months, I’ve fallen headlong into Magic: The Gathering, mostly thanks to chess. Previously it was too competitive for me, but teaching chess has taught me to appreciate the push and pull of competitive games and how to grow from the sweet success of failure. I also like the pretty pictures.

- Can you recall a particularly special or impressive moment from an online lesson?
One of my students checkmated me out of the blue once! I’d been teaching him for two years and had guided him to checkmate me a few times, but this was the first time he had ever won without any assistance. His roar of triumph peaked his audio and brought concerned parents running into the room!

- What's your favorite story from the Chess at Three curriculum?
I’ve always had a soft spot for King Shaky, and his journey through the King Shaky Saga always resonates with me on a personal level. As someone who has dealt with a great deal of anxiety in my life, the way King Shaky learns to face his fears one step at a time and finally sheds his protective pillows to make it through the cave hits me hard. Golly I love a well-written story!

- You're an amazing, in-demand tutor. What's your secret?
I try to bring my joy and enthusiasm to every class, whether it’s one-on-one or in a school or group setting. I might not be able to make everyone the best chess player in the world, but if I can make them fall in love with chess then I’ve accomplished my mission. Also... goofy voices!

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