January Notable Tutors

Here at Chess at Three, we've always believed representation matters. Since the start of our company, we have been inviting little girls to take lessons, and we're very proud to state that 50% of our massive teaching staff are women. Chess has long been a male-dominated sport, and as a company, we look to change that outdated notion. This month we are featuring seven intelligent and successful women who are totally rocking our socks off as Chess at Three tutors. Check out their thoughtful answers and ideas as they discuss what chess means to them, their views on making chess accessible to all children, and why teaching little girls to play chess is now more important than ever! Full questions are listed below! 1. What inspires you to teach chess?2. What do you like about chess? 3. What are your thoughts on being a woman in a male-dominated sport? 4. What does it mean to teach this game to little girls? Want to schedule a lesson with one of these terrific tutors?

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