Introducing Birchguard Quest!

Chess at Three has revolutionized the way chess is taught by taking a very difficult game and making it accessible for anyone, even a child as young as three years old.

And now, with over 10 years of experience providing fun, engaging, educational experiences, Chess at Three is proud to partner with Roll for Adventure to launch a brand new game: Birchguard Quest.

What is Birchguard Quest?

Birchguard Quest is an imaginative playground where groups of students are guided through an educational role-playing game (ERPG) by our certified tutors. This game was created to empower young minds to critically and creatively strategize in a diversified setting while encouraging them to be the hero in their own story.

With our curriculum, Birchguard Quest, our fun tutor (the referee) will guide children on an adventure that begins as each child designs a character and chooses a “class” with an attribute they’re interested in, which they role-play throughout the adventure. A tutor then leads the group of characters through the Birchguard Quest story arc, where they handle challenges explicitly developed for their age group.

The challenges follow the SPA system, including social, puzzle, and action-based encounters that test strategy, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving under fast-paced, exciting circumstances. Each session is a part of a grander adventure, allowing students to build on prior concepts on a week-to-week basis and fine-tune, or “level up,” their characters to effectively take on more complicated quests.

What is an ERPG?

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If you are unfamiliar with what an educational role-playing game is, it is a game in which players take on roles of imaginary characters to engage in adventures. These adventures are overseen by a referee (or in this case, a tutor). Role-Playing Games have been around for decades and have been made famous by Dungeons and Dragons, which is a game designed for older teens or adults.

Research indicates that role-playing games (RPGs) can boost learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity and growth. In an article posted on KQED that explores RPG’s and their benefits, David Simkins, a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and expert on games and learning, says "Dungeons & Dragons, and other narrative role-playing games of its kind, provide many opportunities for learning.

Participation in narrative role-play can open up interests in topics such as mathematics, science, history, culture, ethics, critical reading, and media production. When D&D and its cousins are played in an inviting, encouraging, compassionate, and intellectually engaged environment, play opens the door to truly amazing possibilities for learning."

Who is Roll for Adventure?

Roll for Adventure, a game company created by two senior tutors at Chess at Three has designed a curriculum that allows children to have fun building a world and characters with a central focus on education. Both creators share an extensive knowledge of tabletop game mechanics, a combined 15 years of experience in youth education and content development.

Birchguard Quest is the first of many curriculums to come from Roll for Adventure and will deliver to students nothing less than an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

How do you join the adventure? (or How to start playing Birchguard Quest?)

Contact us! Please call 212-796-2737 or email for more information and to register.

We have certified tutors ready to start teaching Birchguard Quest.

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