Chess At Three Helps Children Succeed

If you are raising young children in New York City, you likely know the pressure surrounding school admissions all too well. Getting into private NYC preschools and elementary schools is often touted as equally or more competitive than admissions to Ivy League universities. There are many factors at play contributing to this notoriously competitive process, but one well-known catalyst is the New York baby boom. Census figures demonstrate the high increase in young children living in Manhattan. With NYC’s rapidly growing population of youngsters, it has become even more challenging to secure a spot in the city’s best private preschools and elementary schools.CHESS AT THREE WILL HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEEDWe know that you want your child to receive a high-quality education and you desire to help set your child up for success. That’s where Chess At Three comes in--we help parents get their children ahead!You may already know the story behind how we got started (if you don’t you can read all about it HERE), but either way you’re probably well aware that our founders developed an innovative curriculum based on storytelling that teaches chess to children, starting at the record-breaking, young age of three-years-old. We turned conventional chess lessons on their head and replaced them with captivating stories that make learning chess both easy and fun for young kids.’’


One of our clients, Marin*, recently shared with us how she has seen her children Jack* (6 years-old) and Jessica* (4-years-old) benefit from their Chess At Three lessons. Marin’s family has been with Chess At Three for several years now, doing in-home private lessons. She heard about Chess At Three from a friend and has enjoyed both the academic benefits and convenience of the private lessons. Marin said:

“The convenience of having someone come into your home to teach your kids how to play a valuable game that’s great for their brain all while they’re having a ball is a no brainer.”

Both Jessica and Jack absolutely love their chess lessons. “The creative storytelling and the animated teachers makes it age-appropriate and always fun,” remarked Marin. And now that her six-year-old son is in elementary school, she believes his confidence to compete in chess tournaments has been boosted through his Chess At Three lessons. “Had he not started with Chess at Three, he would not feel as confident showing up at a tournament with his classmates.” Marin continued, “I especially think starting young is advantageous, so when the kids get to kindergarten it’s not like suddenly beginning to learn a foreign language. They’ve already gotten the basics down.”


While we cannot scientifically prove that our chess lessons will land your child a place in a coveted private school, we do know that Chess At Three has proven results. We see 100% of our children learn how to play chess and, over a 20 week period, our Chess At Three kids have experienced an average 18% boost on assessment scores.When her son went through the rigorous kindergarten interview process, Marin believes his Chess At Three lessons helped prepare him for the admissions interview, particularly because it taught him how to sit still and focus for a long period time. His chess lessons also prepared him to engage with an adult in a one-on-one setting. Marin commented:

“It was a great brain exercise to prepare him for admissions interviews.”

It’s no secret that getting into NYC private preschools and kindergartens is challenging. We’d love to help your child get ahead. Our innovative, story-based curriculum will boost your child’s academic abilities and confidence. Give us a call today to bring Chess At Three into your school or home! (844)-692-2437

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