3 Reasons Our Digital Chess Lessons Are So Popular

Before March 2020, Chess at Three had never taught a virtual chess lesson before. By the middle of April 2020, Chess at Three had successfully converted all in-person lessons to fun, engaging online lessons, extending our offerings to children all over the world.Our team has been working around the clock to pivot our technology and train our tutors to be able to deliver the same incredible stories and engaging exercises in online lessons.What has made these lessons so successful?

  1. These lessons are exactly what families need right now: engagement for children!

With schools closed for the foreseeable future, families have been put in an unprecedented position: everyone is home 24/7. Children’s schedules have been completely reset, but booking a weekly chess lesson is a great way to give kids something to look forward to (and give parents a much-needed break).

  1. Our tutors can create an amazing chess experience.

We’ve been using lichess.org, a free, open-source chess server which offers fantastic features and gives our tutors a ton of control over the student’s chessboard. Tutors can move pieces, demonstrate openings, give takebacks, and even suggest moves with color-coded arrows, lines, and circles. Lichess.org also enables our tutors to create fun, challenging chess exercises that keep lessons exciting and intellectually stimulating.

  1. The most important components of our lessons haven’t changed: our tutors and our stories.

The real reason Chess at Three lessons are so beneficial is that our incredible tutors tell fun, engaging stories children love. We hire storytellers who breathe life into our curriculum and establish a great rapport with their students.

Are you looking for something to make stay-at-home life easier for your whole family? Book a Chess a Three tutor for a weekly lesson and put something on the calendar that everyone can look forward to.

Experience the magic today!