10 Ways to Incorporate Chess Education

Chess is everywhere these days! Inspired by the hit Netflix series, The Queen's Gambit, and left with time on their hands from our year at home, many families look to chess to keep their kids and themselves entertained and stimulated!

Beth plays chess

Did you know that by learning the game of chess, you are joining a 10,000-year-old club? Congratulations!

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Chess education packs a significant punch for people of all ages. Playing the game is proven to strengthen intelligence, memory, focus, and planning skills and boost creativity and self-awareness. Studies even show that regular games of chess protect against developing dementia.

Chess provides a range of unexpected benefits as well! Games of chess are proven to shape social skills and help children and adults relate to their peers more positively.

Unfortunately, even with these immensely positive benefits, chess can still carry a stigma of being stuffy, elitist, and boring. That's where we come in!

Chess at Three gets kids playing and loving chess through storytelling, starting at the surprising age of three! Chess at Three tells stories that transform the chess pieces into a memorable cast of characters.

Queen Bella

Our lessons have characters with quirky qualities that help children understand how the chess pieces move. Students learn to adore chess games through our creative storytelling method and develop a deep love for learning in new and innovative ways!

Ready to start your family's Chess at Three adventures? Here are the ten options for a Chess at Three lesson experience!

  1. Private in-person lessons

If you are looking for the perfect chess introduction for your child, then a private lesson is ideal! We will match your family with one of our certified teachers. They bring our fun, story-filled lessons right to your home! Your child will meet a whole cast of chess friends that help them learn the basics, one piece at a time.

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There are many advantages to having one of our terrific tutors come to your home to work privately with your child. Our tutors provide focused attention to your family's needs and your child's learning style. Your little chess player will benefit from your tutor tailoring a creative, individualized curriculum for each of their unique lessons!

  1. Group lessons

Are you looking for a lesson with a bit more of a social aspect? Check out our private group lessons! Your child will benefit from peer interaction as they all start their chess journey together!

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A Chess at Three group lesson creates a perfect learning environment for your child and their peers to explore teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship all while learning the game! No matter the outcome, every Chess at Three lesson ends with a good game handshake, enforcing the importance of winning with humility and losing with dignity!

  1. STARS lessons

Ready to take the next step in your child's chess education? Chess at Three is proud to offer our advanced curriculum for ages 8+! The STARS program keeps in touch with Chess at Three's narrative-based origins by using "anecdotal chess" content.

Kids doing a chess puzzle

We believe in the extraordinary power that stories can provide for the learning process, and we want to stay true to that. This program will share historical and anecdotal stories alongside advanced tactical and strategic elements to engage and challenge students.

STARS lessons can be taught at home, either privately or in a group setting. We offer online classes as well!

  1. Online lessons

Are you looking for an online tutoring option? Chess at Three now offers online private and group lessons! Your family will be matched with a certified tutor and given the basic information to set your online lesson up for success!

online lesson

Our online lessons are taught through the same storytelling curriculum, and chess games are played on a safe and user-friendly online platform.

Our tutors take advantage of their at-home setting to add costumes, props, and imagination to your child's chess lesson. You may find yourself wanting to join in on the fun!

  1. Chess camps

With summer in full swing, we know many families are looking for a fun and engaging enrichment option for their children. Chess at Three offers year-round chess camps at our Upper East Side Chess Club! Your child will learn how to play their new favorite game with their peers and make some fast friends along the way!

chess club

Our certified storytellers are specially trained to handle large groups of chess players and will lead them in stories, games, chessercises, and so much more!

  1. Quads

Can't make it to the club this year? Sign up for our newest online offering, Quad Tournaments! Put those new chess skills to the test through friendly competition with other students.


Your chess teacher will form a group of students based on their age and skill level and organize a time that works for each family. Chess players will be placed in groups of four and will play at least three games during the Quad tournament. Your tutor will help your child and their new chess friends navigate a bit of elevated competition in a safe and fun environment.

Quads are a wonderfully flexible way to test your child's chess skills without putting on any pressure. Quads still include a fun and engaging chess story and can help students prepare for in-person tournaments in the future!

  1. Summer lessons  

Did you know Chess at Three offers multiple summer class offerings? Summer chess lessons are an ideal way to keep your child's brain engaged and mentally strong while they take a break from classroom learning. A Chess at Three lesson takes traditional learning and flips it on its head, helping children understand why a chess piece moves a certain way. Summer is a fantastic time for your child to experience this out-of-the-box style of education!

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Nontraditional instruction can reinvigorate your child's thirst for knowledge and help them understand that learning can be fun and joyous!

Summer may be half over, but it's not too late to jump in on the chess fun! This summer, we have several educational options. We offer story-based in-home, one-on-one, and group lessons in all five boroughs, the Hamptons, Westchester, and Connecticut.

  1. Family chess lessons

Remember those educational and social benefits of playing chess? They extend to parents as well! Learning chess together as a family is a perfect way to boost those skills in both adults and children while cultivating a joyful learning experience for your family. Plus, the added benefit of showing your child that it's okay to lose a game or start from scratch is vital for their learning experience.

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Learning new skills and games as a group bonds family members together! A shared experience is essential for family life as it boosts self-esteem and creates talking points for kids and parents alike.

Our tutors love putting together a family chess lesson for kids of all ages. They will tailor the curriculum to fit your family's age and skill needs and create the perfect evening or weekend activity!

  1. Chess parties

Are you looking to add a little educational fun to your child's birthday party or event? Ready for the perfect way to keep the kiddos entertained while the parents catch up? Chess at Three lessons makes a super fun addition to any event!

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Our tutors are well trained to keep large groups of students engaged and learning while keeping the lesson fun and entertaining! Our stories can be easily tailored to include a special birthday message or elements of your child's choice!

  1. Chess in your school

Chess at Three's curriculum is offered in over four hundred schools nationwide. And your school could be one of them! Our program is a fun, engaging, impactful enrichment offering that strengthens your child's school's brand and widens their activity opportunities.

Chess teacher

Ready to bring Chess at Three to your child's school? Check out our school partnership and curriculum licensing options to find which one works best for your school's needs!

There are so many ways to introduce chess education into your child's life! We can't wait to meet your little chess champ and let the engaging education begin! But don't take our word for it, sign up for a lesson and see the Chess at Three magic for yourself!

Experience the magic today!