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How do online lessons work?

All online lessons feature live storytelling and instruction with an expert tutor over video chat. Lessons are designed to leverage all the advantages of the digital medium, such as web-based analytical tools and the chance for a child and their tutor to team up against an Al player. All gameplay takes place on an interactive digital chessboard.

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Chess Lessons

Story-Based Chess Lessons for Ages 3+
  • Ages 3-5: Learn to play a basic game of chess to Capture the King
  • Ages 6-9: Learn to play a full game of chess to checkmate, as well as basic strategy
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Birchguard Quest

Educational Role-Playing Game for Ages 6 to 11
  • Highly collaborative role-playing game with educational puzzles
  • Make screen time count
  • Interactive story co-created by kids
  • Promotes executive function, teamwork, and communication skills while having fun
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Make Screen Time Count

Great with the children and gets them engaged and interested quickly. Interesting & fun lesson format.
Our son has truly enjoyed learning the game and we feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to send him to a very professional and creative company. Thanks to Chess at Three, we know this will be a game he will enjoy for many years to come!
Absolutely recommended!! Super good way of teaching kids chess in a way I never imagined!

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