Chess at Three

The Authority in Early Childhood Chess


Children playing and loving chess
younger than ever before, through stories

At Chess At Three, we understand the profound benefits of chess and the effectiveness of learning through storytelling. Our mission is to stand as the authority in early childhood development by extending the benefits of chess through the power of storytelling. Our approach creates a fun and interactive learning environment which teaches 100% of our children, as young as the age of three, to play and develop a love for chess. This love for chess has our children playing beyond the classroom environment, enhancing the benefits and developing their minds for greater future success in all facets of their lives.

Why chess?


Chess is mental weightlifting. Any encounter with the game increases the player's mental capacity: developing strategic thinking, creative problem solving, and working memory.


Particularly in children, the game of chess helps develop individual self control and focus, as the structure of the game requires forethought and strategic planning. 


Chess is a difficult game to learn and play, requiring endurance through a single match, and determination to return to the game after a hard fought defeat.

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Our Curriculum

Our cloud-based curriculum gives teachers access to lesson plans, instructional videos, tips, interactive moments, physical movement "chessercizes", and guidelines for gameplay at each level of development.

Our teachers and students absolutely love the Chess at Three program. The program not only teaches the game of chess and develops critical thinking skills, but also fosters positive teamwork among young learners. Our teachers love the ease of implementation as well. From the easy to read narratives that describe each chess piece to the step by step exercises that help you learn how to play the game…this program is sure to be a great addition to any preschool curriculum”

— Miss Stephanie, Exton, PA, Director, and Goddard School 2014 Director of the Year

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