The authority in early
childhood chess

Children learning & playing chess younger than ever before through stories.

Over the course of 20 lessons, we introduce children to the chess board's cast of characters. Our stories explain how each piece likes to move. Without even realizing it, children are learning and loving chess.

Why chess?


Chess is mental weightlifting. Any encounter with the game increases the player's mental capacity: developing strategic thinking, creative problem solving, and working memory.


Chess is a difficult game to learn and play, requiring endurance through a single match, and determination to return to the game after a hard fought defeat.

Self Control

Particularly in children, the game of chess helps develop individual self control and focus, as the structure of the game requires forethought and strategic planning. 


Our curriculum in your school

Our curriculum of stories, teaching strategies, and chessersizes is available to purchase for use in schools.

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Private lessons in your home

Chess at Three has a group of certified storytellers available for private lessons in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and seasonally in the Hamptons.

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