School Partnerships

Our program is a cost free addition to your school

Partnering with Chess At Three is a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Our program is a cost free addition to your school that strengthens your brand by offering an impactful enrichment program that parents and their children love. Chess At Three is offered as an optional enrichment program for children ages 3–7 and we handle the rest! We provide your school with Certified Tutors who are trained in our approach, and we will take care of all the logistical details of running the program.

Our program is loved by children and parents alike. Children love learning chess through our stories, and their parents love that their children are so excited about learning chess. 

In a school partnership with Chess At Three, parents can sign up directly with us, and we will coordinate goals and logistical details with your institution or school. Once we have six students enrolled, we can start teaching chess! Once enrollment exceeds 10 students another class or additional Chess At Three tutors will be added. Our goal is to be flexible to your needs to make this partnership an easy decision!

Why partner with Chess At Three?

Chess At Three has had great success partnering with countless schools, park districts, libraries, country clubs, and even retirement communities.

  • Hassle Free
    We do all the work! Chess At Three will handle all of the administrative responsibilities, which includes: enrollment, payment, materials, session management, parent updates, teacher updates, and supplemental chess tournaments.  
  • Parents Want it
    Parents love the program and praise schools that teach their children chess through Chess At Three. See testimonials below.
  • Students Love it
    Through the Chess At Three program students learn how to play chess while developing a love and passion for the game.  Don’t be surprised when your children rave about chess and the characters from our stories.
  • Seamless Integration
    We align our lessons and exercises with elements of your existing curriculum and activities that will be familiar to your students.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Chess education has already become a standard enrichment activity in public and private primary / secondary schools. Chess At Three’s ability to teach children as young as three how to play chess is a new development in early childhood education. Our partnerships have proven to give schools a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves with our unique program.  
  • Increased Enrollment & Student Retention
    Schools that have the partnered with Chess At Three have been able to both increase enrollment (more new students) as well as retain students through summer programs and following school years. Some schools have experienced over 100% increases in summer enrollment, accredited directly to the Chess At Three program. See reference.
  • Strong Marketing Tool
    Chess education in your school can be utilized as a strong marketing tool to increase the number of parent walkthroughs and to gain media spotlight. Schools partnered with Chess At Three have been featured on news stations, including ABC and NBC.

Hear from our partner schools:

Witness the impact Chess At Three can have in your school.