Memory Treehouse Magic Camp

Every day in the summer from 1-3

Ages 6+

In “Magic Camp” students learn how to build their own “Memory Palace.” This visualization technique enables rapid memorization over short periods of time.

This technique enables anyone to perform effects used by the top magicians in the world. In November of 2016 David Blaine went on The Jimmy Fallon Show, and his first two effects used this memory technique. Here is the clip if you’d like to see for yourself. Once the technique is mastered, endless effects are possible.

This camp is perfect for children who aren’t ‘social butterflies’. Students will gain the confidence that comes with learning a new skill and performing it for real people.

Learning this technique will give children a monumental advantage in any test, where memorization is a factor, for the rest of their lives!

Ages 4+

Students receive and design their own deck of cards, learn simple effects, write their own stories and put on their own magic show!

Individual creativity is stressed as students must fill in parts of the production with stories and props from their own life.

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