School Year Group Lessons

The World's First Story Based Chess Club
Ages 3-103

Located on the tranquil Upper East Side, The Chess at 3 NY Chess Club is the perfect setting to be introduced to chess. 

Open Monday-Saturday

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Classes Include:

Core Curriculum: Introduce your children to Chess at 3! These 45 minute classes are centered around stories that explain why the chess pieces move the way they do. Your children will learn how all the pieces like to move, some chess theory, and the importance of sportsmanship.

Epic Chess Battles: Does your child already love chess, and wants to get amazing at chess? Or is your child already playing in tournaments, and is looking for a place to hone their skills? This class for the serious chess players. We will analyze famous games, figure out difficult puzzles, go over student's tournament games, and of course tell a story from time to time.

The Count's Chess Puzzle Room: An old grandmaster wrote down his most powerful moves, put those moves in a paper shredder, and locked the shredder in a wooden crate. He also left some clues...
Students have 1 hour to decipher riddles, find the clues, and solve the puzzles to unlock the "Bye-Bye Box." In 1 hour, the paper shredder turns on and the grandmasters moves Ages 5+ room difficulty changes based off player's ELO.

Saturday Morning Chess Camp: This is a fun time for anyone to come, hangout, and learn about chess! We will be going over famous games, analyzing our own games, we will do “The Count’s Chess Puzzle Room”, and of course play chess.
9-12 Every Saturday, $65 an hour or $165 for the full 3 hours