Avoid the Summer Slide: Spend Your Summer with Chess At Three

Summer is right around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about that infamous summer slide. We hate to break it to you, but summer learning loss is a very real thing. In fact, John’s Hopkins published a research article on this exact topic. We appreciate the compelling research they put forth and it only further ignites our passion to help children stay sharp and academically engaged throughout the summer.

The researchers write, “Without ongoing opportunities to learn and practice essential skills, kids fall behind on measures of academic achievement over the summer months. Research dating back over 100 years confirms the phenomenon often referred to as ‘summer slide’.” We know your summer calendar is full of trips, activities and camps, but we encourage you to make sure to prioritize your child’s chess education over the summer, as well. Few extracurricular activities are as beneficial for your child’s brain growth and development as chess lessons are!

Our team of Certified Storytellers (Chess Tutors) do not take the summer off. We are available all summer long to provide in-home, private chess lessons whether one-on-one or in a small group format. Chess At Three is now in several cities throughout the country, but if we are not in your city yet, you can also email us at info@chessat3.com for information on chess lessons via Skype! For our NYC-area families, we are also offering private chess lessons in the Hamptons again this summer! If you have questions about pricing or scheduling chess lessons in the Hamptons, send our Director of Tutors an email at harlan.alford@chessat3.com.

We are also offering TWO exciting summer camp options all summer long: Chess Camp and Magic Camp.

Our Chess At Three Summer Camp will go every Monday-Friday in the summer from 9:30AM - 12PM. This will be a fun morning of chess and chess activities! We will be telling captivating stories about epic chess battles, analyzing moves, playing blitz chess and even solving the “Count’s Chess Puzzle Room.” We have a cozy chess club, so every week is limited to only 8 children. If you’re interested, hurry and reserve a spot as space is very limited. Learn more and sign up for our Chess Camp HERE!

This summer we will also be offering Memory Treehouse Magic Camp every afternoon, Monday-Friday, 1-3 PM. At Magic Camp, students will receive and design their own deck of cards, learn “magic” effects, write their own stories and put on their own magic show! Individual creativity is stressed as students must fill in parts of the production with stories and props from their own life. Kids ages 6+ will learn advanced memorization skills at Magic Camp. These memory techniques will give them a monumental advantage in any test, where memorization is a factor, for the rest of their lives! Space is limited for Magic Camp as well, so we recommend signing up ASAP HERE.

Besides taking chess lessons throughout the summer, we’ve pulled together four additional ideas to help your child stay academically sharp over the summer months below:

  1. SUMMER READING PROGRAM: Sign your kids up for your local library’s summer reading program. Most libraries offer fun prizes and incentives for those enrolled in their reading program. It’s a great summer enrichment activity!

  2. GET OUTDOORS: Even if you live in the city, there are still plenty of ways to get outside and explore nature as a family this summer. Take a hike at a state park or simply go on a stroll through your neighborhood park. Ask your children to help you find squirrels, birds and flowers. They will have fun being mini-naturalists with you!

  3. LIMIT THE SCREENS: We know some screen-time is not a bad thing, but “everything in moderation” is a good adage to apply to television, apps, and video games. Try to find educational shows and apps, so when your children are sitting in front of the screen they are still learning new things.

  4. FAMILY GAME NIGHTS: Even if you have very young children, you can still do family game nights. If your kids are just tiny tots, they will love playing “hide-n-seek” with you. Older kids can play games like Candyland and Go Fish and, of course, our favorite game is chess!

We hope these ideas were helpful to you as you plan for the summer months ahead. We look forward to working with your kids over the summer to help them avoid summer learning loss. In fact, with our enriching, fun and engaging chess lessons, we are confident your child will grow academically even over the summer months. Come spend your summer with us!

Written by Peg Theobald