Join the Chess At Three family

At Chess At Three we believe that our tutors are the lifeblood of everything we do. We treat all of our people as a member of our family. This is not just another part-time tutoring job, this is an opportunity to join a young and quickly growing company. A company that is redefining early childhood education and dramatically impacting children's lives. 

Chess At Three has 4 top priorities: 

1. Taking Care Of Our People - Our Family

At Chess At Three our people are more than employees, they are members of our family. As a family member your happiness is our #1 priority. Understanding what our people want is simple, it's what we all want:

High Pay

Our tutors make really good money, we're talking REALLY good money. Chess At Three pays our tutors more than any other tutoring company and will go toe to toe with anyone. We don't believe in maximizing our profits by robbing our tutors with a minimal base salary. Rather, we pay our new tutors $40/hour and opportunity to earn up to $70/hour! We pride ourselves in maximizing our tutors pay by all means possible.

Flexibility & Freedom

We let our people set their own schedules around what works best for them. We also trust our tutors and grant them the freedom to manage their opportunities as if it were their own business. Chess At Three believes that when you give your people the freedom and flexibility they desire they can build a working condition that fits perfectly to their needs; in turn this merits the highest production of quality teaching. 

The Best Supportive, Loving, Encouraging, Awesome, Openminded, Fun, Fabulous, Creative, Sassy, Caring, and Devoted  Company Culture Possible

When you join Chess At Three you join our family. We encourage everyone to share their ideas, skills, gifts, voice, etc. Our mission is that everyone feels supported and loved. By treating our working relationship as if it were a family relationship creates a culture that no company in any industry can surpass. We are all in this together to not only to make a solid pay check, but to have fun while watching OUR company grow. 

2. Revolutionizing Early Childhood Education

We are passionate advocates of chess and the profound benefits it has on children. What drives us is the pursuit of our dream to revolutionize early childhood education through a game that has existed for hundreds of years. 

3. Being The most Innovative Chess Company in the WORLD

We are young, agile, innovative, fun, and hungry. Our approach to teaching Chess is revolutionary and our ability to be agile allows us to quickly adapt and develop. Are we changing chess and early childhood education forever? …we think yes! 

4. Giving Our Clients The Best Chess Experience. Period.

Ask any of our tutors and they will tell you how much they are loved by the families and schools they work with. Why? Because the Chess At Three approach offers the best learning experience one can possibly have. We love what we teach. Children have fun. Parents love us. Schools adore us. Chess At Three has an underlying focus of making sure our children (our clients) have the time of their lives while learning to play chess. 

What are you waiting for….JOIN OUR GROWING FAMILY!